all the pretty little details .

I realized that the first birthday is probably the only one that I would have complete say in before Finlee realizes that there are more colors than white, gold & black in this world

[ although her favorite books are in black & white so maybe its rubbing off on her ;) ]

So I had a lot of fun [ and some help ] pulling it all together & maybe, just maybe we can keep an elsa obsession at bay for another year ! ;)

i have a thing for vintage containers of any sort . 

these came in handy!

& are from a local shop 

{ magnifique antiques & collectibles }

The Dress : H&M

Linen & Lace Crown : Plaid & Paisley Littles

cake: miranda decorby

florals : donna jack's gallery

- thank you to my mom & auntie for helping me arrange the florals & the wood slice painstakingly cut by lee ;) -

- the only decent shot i got of the birthday girl due to my cam jinxing out , good thing i got a new one in the mail yesterday [ of course, one day late to the party ...] -

Thank you to all our friends & family who came to help us celebrate finlee - she is one lucky [ and spoiled ] little girl !