a spa like oasis - in a basement

sharla was the winner of my virtual consult giveaway a few weeks away! the project she sent my way is their basement bathroom.

they have just framed the space & want to have this bathroom set up for guests as well as eventually their children to be down there - so she wanted economical & clean looking without looking cheap - fair enough! Here is what I came up with:

the key to pulling off economical without looking cheap is the mix. + choosing timeless materials that will stand the test of time and not need to be replaced in  a short time period... and knowing where to spend money .. and where to be frugal ... and as some wise person said -

the devil is in the details.

they were on the fence about whether to have a bath tub & shower separate or to have a combination of the two - in the end we both agreed that a tub would be a bigger investment for the amount it would get used by guests or teenage children. In stead we opted for a subway tiled shower with a simple piece of glass as a divide & a spa like exposed shower head makes it feel luxe.

a simple ikea vanity is sufficient in a space like this & the absence of legs on the vanity make the smaller space feel more airy & open.

wood - look vinyl plank flooring is virtually indestructible, idiot-proof to install [ think exacto knife] , water proof & at $2.50 a sq ft it is no wonder it is so popular with so many of my projects - it also is warm enough under foot you don't need to have in floor heat like with tile!

I also suggested they put a raw wood shelf connecting from the vanity over the toilet for a simple built - in look + it provides an opportunity to display some art  & make the space feel more homey.

- sources & prices are listed under the drawing page -

Congrats again, Sharla & can't wait to see some pics of this project coming to life in 2017 ... I feel like I may have to be a guest & try it out ;)