How Figuring out your ' why ' is your first step to Clarity...

Happy Monday, Friends - personally, I love Mondays & I hope this webisode helps you get started this week on the right foot.

I'm diving into some of the big Q's that were sent to me last week - & to my surprise they weren't about paint colors or backsplash options ... they were almost all about how to get started on your passion & out of that limbo we sometimes get ourselves into where we have this feeling of wanting to move forward with something but just aren't sure how to get started ... 

Maybe we will dive into this more in future webisodes [ its a HUGE topic ] but for today - I have just a few points to help you get started in the right direction ... Enjoy & Don't forget to submit your Q's below + sign up for email updates so you get notified when there are new posts & other goodness going on here on the site!

xo- J.

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