the nitty gritty on our bedroom update + how to get out of the "someday" rut...

i am starting to feel like a broken record saying " your home should be your sanctuary " & that it is possible to live in a space that you love - even if you don't own your "dream home " or live in a perfect mansion.

our house is a 1200 sq ft bungalow that my husband's uncle built on the farm in 1967. it really is nothing out of the ordinary - i promise.

when we moved in we knew we wanted an ensuite & a more functional laundry & living space. without tearing apart the upstairs & doing a major reno - we decided to gut the basement & re-design the floor plan to make it happen - in our budget.

I wanted a spacious en suite that didn't feel like we were living in a basement ... one of the biggest contributors to that was removing the dropped ceiling [ which had 30 years of dust in it ] & simply painting out the ceiling white. It automatically made the roof seem higher + I love the industrial vibe it gives and ... i can easily get rid of the dust bunnies which satisfies the neat freak in me ;)

** we painted all the metal ducting with a heavy duty primer - then applied a paint & primer in one by behr to the whole ceiliing using a paint sprayer . 

A little before / after progress shot of painting out the wood.

A little before / after progress shot of painting out the wood.

our choice to do all wood walls in our basement was one actually more out of practicality than aesthetic originally - since it is a basement ... there are no guarantees that there will never be water issues [ clearly ] in fact , the first laminate floor we put down here was destroyed shortly after by a water issue ... in went the tile ... [ only regret ...we didn't heat it ]+ we could install it ourselves & didn't have to hire a drywall crew to come in so if you're at all handy you save a little $ there ;)

this past fall I finally got help & tackled painting out the all wood scene white ... as much as i loved the warmth of the wood ... I craved a crisper, airy feel ... 

Paint + Help : abt. $350

from there - the other details started to fall into place - i purchased the bed off [ first purchase from there for me ] the service was fast + efficient & even though the bed is actually a dark dark brown - you can't tell it's not black until you reallllly look at it ... and for $300 ... I am not complaining ... it isn't the most well built thing I have ever seen but it definitely does the trick for the price.

Bed : $300

The two sisal rugs under the bed are from Ikea & are surprisingly so soft underfoot! I got two of the smaller size so the overlap would come out from under our bed & cover the floor to the closet at the end of our bed.

At $99 a pop - you really can't go wrong & they layer up so well during the change of the seasons!

Rugs [ for 2 ] : $200

the bedding is linen & after a lot of humming & hawwing I decided to go all white ... our box spring is upholstered in cream-ish burlap & with sisal rugs - I didn't want to add another "off - neutral" tone to the mix. The bedding is all from Zara Home.

The throw pillow was the perfect finishing touch ... it is by anthropologie & a little bit of a splurge ... but - I love love love it & it will become a timeless piece of our home. - the cool thing about carefully budgeting your home projects is if there are ways you can save  - there is room left over for these little finishing touches 

Bedding Total [ incl. sheets ] : $335

Decorative Pillow : $130

The bedside lamps were also purchased from Ikea - I love having them up off the side table to keep that space free & functional [ side tables were built in by my handy dandy husband ;)] this design keeps the floor clear & helps achieve that clutter free, airy feel .

These little paper sacks are perfect for collecting bedside clutter [ & pretty much anything ] are by uashmama - they have many different sizes available here.

Bedside Lamps & Accessories: $80

Grand Total: abt $1400

So - there you have it - my advise is , invest in good bones first & finish the rest as you can afford it. Don't get caught in the trap of thinking that big changes have to happen overnight. In this case , early on we invested in taking the time to do the big things right [ re- plumbing , framing, insulation , flooring & designing the floor plan in a way that just made sense ] the cosmetic details I just shared got added as we had the time + money - but having the good bones there already is key.

So I guess my point is - white paint is magic , and it can do wonders ... but don't waste your money painting something you are only going to tear out - leave it ugly until you have the "bones" in place & build up from there - sometimes I feel like people get so caught up with how it looks that they throw good money after bad & then wonder why they run out so fast!

I truly love spending time in this place - I think even more so since we didn't rush it [ it's been 3 years since we first gutted the basement ] but each part has been carefully chosen - to work for us & how we live.

It's a place where all of us pile in sometimes in the wee hours of the morning for a cuddle [ in this case the middle of the afternoon ] , unwind after the day has gone crazy ... & just feel at rest. 

Every detail just makes my heart happy - it's exactly what I envisioned & was worth the work ... and the wait!

Thank you to my dear friend , Megan of for taking these photos of me & Finn [ Lee managed to be too busy to join in the fun ;) ] ... they're a treasure ...

So my friends, take time - to create a home to share with your loved ones [ if you can afford to do it all in a few months ... good on ya ] but it all starts with a plan & a vision [ I think I know someone who can help with that ;) ] no - but seriously ... it does ... & once you have that - you've taken the first step to achieving your dream space. 

I find often people get so overwhelmed by HGTV & Pinterest that instead of doing something with what they have - they keep putting it off until they think they can just afford the giant picture perfect home of their dreams - & end up being constantly depressed every time they set foot in their door ... I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be that way.

By no means does our house look like my dream home on Pinterest [ on the outside , anyway ] but we have made it a place we are happy to call home.

& by the way ... In case you haven't noticed ... I have launched a new page to this site called " Interior Design Services " where you will find an overview of my services along with starting point prices [ I custom quote each job so you know exactly what you get & what it will cost ] so - what are you waiting for?