this is for all you girls.

sometimes a country song can create a title better than  I can ... what can i say, I was raised on dirt roads & am radio ...;)

anyway, I am just putting the finishing touches together to launch the gather event website & I felt like I just wanted to give my followers a little more insight into the background of why it is so important for me to do this event centered on living intentionally & enjoying more fully what we are doing - in whatever path we are on as moms, business owners, creatives or retired women ... 

Most people who know me , know I am a people person - I am fascinated by all kinds of people & love to hear their stories , tell my own stories [ i talk too much - its my biggest vice & biggest asset sometimes at the same time ] ** insert true story ** when Lee & I first started dating I swear he didn't say two words for a good 3 months ... he was so shy ... & i literally didn't notice... he just sat there and listened like a champ while I rambled on about who knows what;) ... definitely probably one of the main reasons we get along like bread & butter !!;)

like i was saying - I like to talk - but more than that -

I believe in the power of encouraging people .

I believe that all some of us really need is just for someone to say - you've got this. You're doing a good job. What you want to accomplish IS possible & I am going to help you get there ... just be kind & help each other.

I've said it before - in my life I have been very lucky [ not maybe so lucky as intentional?] to surround & connect  myself to people who are uplifting - who can say, it's going to be OK when I feel like I've screwed up and should just quit - when I feel like a fraud ... haven't we all had those days/ weeks / months?

Instagram / Facebook is great - but I'm kind of old fashioned & I know that in my life - some of the most meaningful connections I have made were at events like this where you can sit down beside someone [ in real life ] & just connect.

Personally that is how I met my mentor , Jennifer Carlson. [ CEO & Mom- Preneur of Baby Gourmet ] I don't talk to her every day or even every month - but I know if I have a day where I just feel stuck - I can give her a phone call or an email - & she is able to give me just the advise I need .... other times I just need my mom or my husband ha!

so - this one is for all you prairie girls -  who've craved that sense of connection & not only that - shop , learn & eat [ what more can I say? ] ... this day is for you.

  [ all the pics of Finn cuz ... when I tend to get wrapped up in my projects she helps keep me grounded & inspired to keep striving to be - better ]

anyway... back to work & my babe will be awake from her nap soon but launch of the event site is just over a week away!

 [ if you're a local we will be set up live at Rocanville Remedial Massage all day for their Open House ] so you can come chat & get your ticket [& T ordered! ... we have specially designed one & got them made by a local small biz]... 

If you're not a local though or can't make it to the Open House, make sure you're on the list below to get notified when the site is up ! .. happy almost - weekend, friends!