be still, my soul - & summer.

this post started off with a lot more text , musings & probably rambling ... I really struggled this time to put my words together for this one as I've had so many thoughts over the past few months & always wonder ...Does someone else feel this too?

...I've cut it down to a few key areas of thought a summer recharging mixed with a healthy dose of work [ for me ] has brought to light ... I'll share the rest as it comes together pen to paper ...

... it is very good for my heart & soul to simply let the days come as they are once in awhile ... to simply

[[ as handy as it is to be a naturally inclined with  time management skills when you are a stay at home mom, business owner & wife to a farmer ...

out of control - that ability is  also a great recipe to contact a galloping case of the crazies [[ as my sis would say ;)]] ... micromanaging every second can get a little out of hand ...& by the end of june I felt like they were coming on full force ... the crazies that is. I COULD NOT seem to shut off. ]]

so the month of july was pretty much dedicated to exploring , visiting friends & family , not having a schedule & being on my cellphone ... soooo refreshing...

we even adopted this new practice at home of not charging our phones in the bedroom [ no late night scrolling stealing away my precious zzz's or answering that 10 pm email - it CAN wait until am ++ we bought an alarm clock ...they do still make them!]

if you haven't tried this, even if both you & your spouse aren't self employed ... I challenge you to give it a try ...Even for a few nights & let me know your thoughts...

time to be thankful.

not that i don't try to feel it daily - but the combination of being with people you care about + spending more time in nature ...helps just to put things in perspective for me ... And - adjust my priorities as needed. 

These things CHANGE! I'm guilty of getting in a one track mind and snowballing myself in a direction without  a taking time once in awhile to adjust the sails ... You see I'm very keen on never giving up &  have to realize - adjusting direction is not a sign of failure ...It's one of growth. 

it makes me want to be even more conscious of what I am choosing to spend my time on ... because you also realise... time is so short

& i better make it count.

& as much as I love my work - its important to play too ... & be amazed at even the smallest of wonders ...

one of the biggest blessings i couldn't have forseen in becoming a mom, was a renewed desire to be curious , explore & be fascinated by the world ...

finn's new favourite word is 'WOW' ... it does my heart good to see things through the excitement & curiosity of her eyes

we seen a lot of 'wow' on this west coast visit ...mother nature never disappoints.

In travelling I've learned ... it doesn't matter where you go, when it boils down to it - we , human beings are all the same ... & you will always come home richer than when you left . always. 

[ except literally because the shopping is pretttttyyy decent ] 

n the blink of an eye... we are nearing harvest ... as much as i love the sounds , smells & flavours of the fall season ... Many good things are on the horizon, [ take a look below ] but my heart still is hanging onto blissful summer days ...for just a little longer

Xo, J

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