intent + focus & gather.

remember awhile ago ... I did a post on "musings of an intentional journey " [ Read it Here ] ... basically, I expressed my own personal struggles, ponderings & desire for others to live a life in which they have intentionally chose ... realising each day is a small step in choosing how we will spend the rest of our life.


I mentioned comparison . & how I believe it robs so much from us , contentment , & success ... because instead of joining hands to help each other grow in our communities - we see others in our space as a threat .


seeing & experiencing these feelings in building my own business & becoming a mother [ along with a lot of self doubt & fear ] ... I just felt a need to encourage more of a sense of community ... of supporting each other & helping each other grow in our businesses & as individuals.


the idea of the Gather Prairie Women's Conference was built on this foundation.


a day focused on - not only personal development but networking [ some of us out here on the prairies get to feeling a little "alone" on our journeys ] , its so important to network with others who truly want to see you succeed & you , them... I also wanted to touch on areas I felt were relevant to all women regardless of age or profession. [ we have women in attendance from ages 20-60+ ]


mental health.

[ helloooooo overwhelm]

physical well being. 

[ prairie women are often the backbones of farm families , with so many roles we fill & hats we wear ... we are a very important asset ... taking care of ourselves in our physical & mental wellness is one of the greatest gifts we can give those who rely so heavily on us ]


a home that feels like ....home & brings you joy in your everyday.

[ interiors workshop by yours truly;]

how to curate a wardrobe that defines - you.

[ cedar & vine]


& of course - shopping.

I am passionate about supporting local makers & businesses ... the ones taking part in Gather believe in these same principals I am sharing here .... together, we are stronger ... when you support local, you keep money & families in your community & often enables moms to stay home with kiddos when they would otherwise have to leave the home for work ... there are so many reasons supporting these individuals is a worthy investment.


We realise ... there are many more makers , local businesses who could benefit from this & be included as well as many other ideas for workshops we think prairie women would find valuable in the future [ you'll have lots of opportunity to provide feedback & suggestions]

 We may offer some smaller pop up events in other communities [ realising Rocanville isn't really in the middle of anywhere ;) ] ... but we really wanted to give the opportunity to our community here first ... & we are so looking forward to sharing it & seeing the response!


Built Prairie Woman Strong : True Strength is Shown by lifting up others.


There is only ONE Week Left to Register for the Gather Event.

To celebrate : We are giving one lucky winner the chance to attend for FREE!

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