Finlee's Big Girl Room

Originally we planned to move Finlee into the new bedroom we recently added to our basement living space [ for those of you who are new to this page - yes, our nursery , master ensuite + laundry room are in our basement which we gutted in 2013  to maximize the sq footage of our 1200 sq ft bungalow ]

But - I decided the transition for her from her crib to a big bed might be simpler if her surroundings were familiar -

We switched some beds around upstairs in our two guest rooms so - this brass 3/4 got moved down for Finlee to claim ... I love old bed metal bed frames & well brass is just the icing on the cake;)


Much else really stayed similar to her nursery ... my "method" to design tries to incorporate items that grow with us & are timeless in style - fitting into many different areas of our home - so that each time there is a major transition [ like a new baby ] we have had to purchase minimal new items. [ I realise going out & buying all new all the things may be what some people are about but not this girl - I'd rather invest in pieces I'll love forever ]

I'm a big fan of sisal rugs - mainly because a) they are affordable and cover a big area to warm up the tile floors throughout our basement [ we don't want to worry about water damage ] & b) they go with everything & anything.

The walls throughout our basement are a tongue & groove pine - installed horizontally - again, for practical reasons as much as aesthetic ones - if we ever have water issues the bottom couple of boards could be popped off  . 


This letter board was one small item I did purchase - because I like to be able to change up the saying whenever I feel like it ... these words are from one of my favourite books - the help.

The old desk is a hand me down from Lee's grandma that holds all her diapers, wipes + socks [ cuz I am clearly no expert on potty training ] 

The clothing hamper is a DIY rolling cart [ I admit I had a "handy man" make them ] using chicken wire, a round piece of plywood + some castors I had about 5 made for the price of 1/2 of one from Pottery Barn lol.

Across from her bed is the built - in closet I designed when we did her nursery & continues to work very well for her. I find that more often than not - traditional framed in closets eat up a lot of under under-utilised sq footage ... I like my closets to be open because it causes you to constantly re-evaluate what you have, see what is getting used & cycle things out accordingly.

This one is constructed from Ikea shelving & my handy hubby installed a wood dowel under each of the brackets for hanging.

The baskets above are labelled according to size or season so I know when to pull down bigger items that she grows into [ I'm a fan of taking advantage of end of season sales & storing a season ahead - as long as I am sure its an item I will still love by then ]


The ceilings in the basement are only 8' high - so spraying them out white not only makes it feel bigger & brighter down there but it also is handy for wiring / dealing with any plumbing issues. I currently have done two basements for clients who opted for a dark painted option as well so I'll share some pics of those projects soon ... I hope - my track record for keeping on top of sharing projects is rather ...awful ... bear with me here lol


We love books & story time so having this wee reading nook is a well used corner of our home - also, in almost every room downstairs most of the doors are sliding barn doors we built ourselves - they mostly stay open since it is a basement & private from the rest of our home & I love how they allow space flow from room to room without eating up sq footage in a room ...

 The doors are 1x6 pine & the track is industrial barn door track painted out black - from Peavy Mart [ which used to be cheaper than the fancier looking interior door tracks you buy from home depot or online but I think these farm supply stores have caught on and jacked up their prices because for the nursery we ended up being cheaper just to buy a kit ]